Opening Doors to Growth
Jo Ann Skinner

For Students


There’s no greater reward for me than hearing that first subtle shift in a young client’s voice, that sense of new excitement, and being able to seize on that energy to see goals turning into reality.

High school seniors and new college students are at a crucial tipping point in their young lives. College can be overwhelming and stressful. Too many classes. Not enough time to do it all. Not enough sleep. Not managing well.

I work with students generally 17 years and older (most of whom are dealing with the challenges of ADHD and executive functions) to help them visualize a successful, fulfilling transition, whether its managing the demands of college workloads and balancing priorities … achieving greater independence from parents … or gaining confidence in dealing with academic and social pressures.

  • Time management and effective study skills
  • Techniques for better organization and academic self-sufficiency
  • Prioritizing tasks and staying focused
  • Organization skills to complete assignments on time

I welcome the opportunity to tell you more about how my ADHD coaching techniques can help you or someone in your life. Please call 910-769-2509 or email