Opening Doors to Growth
Jo Ann Skinner

For Adults

Many hard working adults in business struggle with how to get out of their own way. Together we focus on self awareness, setting priorities, capitalizing on strengths and breaking down ‘negative speak’. It’s exhilarating for me to watch a client take even a small win and build on that to take on new challenges with greater confidence.


What’s most important to get done today? What does my boss consider a priority? How do I get in sync with expectations of my manager? How can I better manage myself and plan my time to be more organized?
For adults with ADHD, there can be disconnects that impact productivity, effectiveness and overall well-being both at work and at home.

As a former credit officer for an international bank and as an entrepreneur, I bring a valuable, first-hand perspective to these challenges. Today I work with highly-motivated adults ─ busy professionals, parents, entrepreneurs ─ to become more self aware, set meaningful goals, and capitalize on individual strengths.

I welcome the opportunity to tell you more about how my ADHD coaching techniques can help you or someone in your life. Please call 703.925.0510 or email